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November 28, 2013

So this is what I’ve spent the last two months on, developing an idea for a game and learning to code/script in the Unity Game Engine using C#.

The main idea was a multi-player 3rd-person combat game where players are given a basic frame of a mech-robot on which they spend a set amount of points equipping it with armor, weapons and other gear, resulting in a wide range of mech-types with their own pros and cons.
That said the project was solely about learning since I wouldn’t be able to finish something with that huge of a scope anyway. I’ve never finished a game before either so I wanted to get the skill-set to be able to achieve that some day.
So far I got a prototype with most things regarding movement and combat implemented although quite rough in some places, and no enemies. You can try it out HERE.

Mouse – Aim, Turn
WASD – Move, Strafe
Shift – Boost
Space – Boost upwards
C – Boost downwards
Left Mouse – Fire left hand weapon
Right Mouse – Fire right hand weapon
Middle Mouse – Fire chest weapon
Q – Fire left back weapon
E – Fire right back weapon
Pause – Pause the game and have the camera rotate around the mech

I will leave this project in its current state and move on to something that I feel is more doable. It’s been quite the challenge both in the technical and artistic aspects. I probably spent half the time designing and tweaking the mech-frame, which still can be considered to be a block-out, and I didn’t get to make any armor parts which is a shame really.

Apart from coding the gameplay stuff I also wrote my own shaders for the prototype which is also something relatively new to me. Wouldn’t say I entirely know what I doing but I managed to pull off some effects. I’m particularly happy the pattern blending on the terrain between different textures, a concept I stole from Massive Chalice.

Some screenshots of the prototype.

Finally it’s been a very satisfying project overall and I learned a ton. Lots of mistakes where made and that’s why I’m moving on, to repeat the process to get better at it. Unity is a fantastic engine and I recommend it for anyone wanting to try their hand and coding games.

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