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October 18, 2014

I’ve been holding off from posting about this for too long. Cant quite remember but I think I started on this about two months ago.

So long story short I ditched the platformer project and migrated the code to start building an isometric game, something I’ve never done before. Diving deeper into programming which has been quite exciting so far. It’s like a whole new world revealing itself slowly.

I hope to post more updates about this in the near future so I’ll keep the description short. While I got a lot of things implemented so far (some things working better than others) it’s still very early progress. I hope to get going with some art pretty soon and build something more attractive and coherent, and then maybe even get some proper gameplay in as well.
Still there’s always some fundamental problems popping up from time to time which is still what makes it challenging and fun. The largest issue I have right now is precision problems with a “depth-buffer” I’ve made utilizing a shader which prevents drawing pixels of objects that are obscured by other graphical elements. This creates jagged lines where edges or surfaces meet which you can spot in the video below.

As before I’m using the Love2D framework, all game code is written in Lua and shaders in Glsl.

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