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April 29, 2013

Been quite busy the past two weeks with my Escape entry. Most of the time spent on designing and building the star-ship interior environment on which the two astronauts will blast their way through, desperate to find a vacant escape pod.

Got about two weeks left and I’m quite skeptical if I’ll be able to make what I have in mind. Either way, this experiment has taught me some things. It has got me to research several technical solutions, most of which I probably don’t have time to implement into this project but that doesn’t matter really. The usual reference hunt has proven fruitful as well, helping me make better design decisions.
The most valuable experience so far has been the difficulty of developing a style, particularly for something meant for a game where technical solutions has to be considered. Only just now do I feel that things are starting to come together, particularly in terms of form.

Here’s some view-port grabs from Blender. On a side note I decided to keep the fish monsters and ditch the insect-like things instead. The fishes humanoid structure simply makes them so much more fun to pose.
Technically I’m texturing the whole environment through a so called texture atlas, which is simply all the elements and parts put into one image. For some reason I felt this was the way I should do it. This has proven very costly on polygons as I need to have uv-splits everywhere to be able to puzzle the different elements together, so next thing on the to-do list is to optimize this solution.

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