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July 4, 2013

Just a simple gif-animation of the “steps” I took in texturing the Steam Knight. Roughly the same process went for the weapon and fringe.
Note that I did not really work in a step by step basis. I wen’t back and forth between the values and the other layers on top.
This has been new workflow for me and I think it’s working pretty well. A big thing was to keep the values clean and staying away from edge highlighting and surface detail as it just made things messy. Those belong to polish and should be blended in on separate layers. That way more fundamental changes can easier be made.
Also with this kind of texturing style where light is integrated it’s important to keep the forms of the model in mind and whatever details you put on, and values are what defines form. I worked with a top lit scheme in mind although leaning towards the front or back at some areas where it felt it was needed.

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