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August 9, 2013

I’m currently on the last week on my vacation. There will be some new art up once I get access to a scanner but in the meantime I wanted to highlight something that’s been in existence for quite some time but that I’ve only bothered to discover a few days ago.

Lego Digital Designer, the 3D software that allows you to make your own LEGO creations without any limitations (judging from my experience with it so far). It even generates building instructions for your model, now how amazing isn’t that?
So if you love LEGO you’ll love this. Personally I have had somewhat of a blast the last two days, exploring the vast array of parts, the Technic ones in particular.

Link: http://ldd.lego.com/en-gb/download/

Besides just being fun I think this sort of thing can be quite helpful in your creative/artistic development. It’s a relatively limited system in terms of how you build but at the same time results can be achieved pretty quickly. The limitations forces creative solutions that requires a unison of logic and aesthetics, a combination which of course isn’t unique for this medium but is something that perhaps can be forgotten more easily in others.
On top of that and maybe most importantly, since most of us (I assume) approach it in the spirit of play there’s more room given to learning rather than succeeding.

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