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August 19, 2013

Was doing an entry for the recently held game-art competition VGRemix at Polycount. The objective was to make an old-school lowpoly diorama depicting a scene from a favorite game.
I picked Machinarium, one of my favorite games from an artistic point of view. My idea was to make some kind of fusion of multiple scenes with a bunch of the most familiar characters in them. Didn’t finish the project unfortunately but managed to get the characters together so I thought I might as well show them here.
Since they where originally in 2D there where some challenges reinterpreting them in 3D. Before even starting on the models I drew  front and side view of the chosen characters, just to get a better understanding of their form and address any issues that might occur. Usually one of the best ways to memorize forms is to draw them, much like the way you write things down to remember them, visual notes basically.

Each character is close to 500 triangles with 128×128 texture maps. Additional objects where at max 100 triangles with 64×64 maps or lower.

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